Suzhou Tours

Suzhou Tours

Suzhou is an ancient city built in 514 BCE, with a history of more than 2500 years. It is still located on the original site of the Spring and Autumn Period, and basically maintains the double checkerboard pattern of "parallel road and water, adjacent river and street" and primitive simplicity style of "small bridges, flowing water, houses". Strolling along the stone-paved streets alongside small canals, you will get to know the local people’s life style. It is a city of classical gardens, which are a treasure of world culture and art, and embody the essence of Oriental gardening art. There are more than 60 well-preserved classical gardens with the most well-known ones listed as the World Heritage by UNESCO, such as the Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, the Master of Nets Garden, the Lion Forest Garden, and Tuisi Garden. The newly-developed area of the city has attracted some advanced industries and firms, which makes Suzhou a mixture of ancient and modern. Join in our selected tours to get to know this wonderful city.

Gardens and Water Town Tour in Suzhou Gardens and Water Town

2-Day Private Tour to Gardens and Tongli Water Town

Suzhou has long been famous for its elegant gardens, and is also known as ‘Oriental Venice’. On the first day, you will visit representative private gardens in different scales and an ancient street. On the next day, you will have a full day tour in Tongli Water Town where you can see the life style and architecture going back 1000 years.

CET Advantages:

  • Visit a medium-sized classic landscape garden masterpiece
  • Take a rickshaw tour along Pingjiang Road and local houses
  • Visit one of the Four Famous Gardens in China
  • Discover the water town with a boat ride
  • Get to know about the layout of ancient houses in Suzhou
  • Listen to the legends of what happened in Tongli Water Town